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Introducing the new Heyes Pods & Seating. Quiet. Private. Awesome retreats for open office and open learning spaces.
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GrandStand Grouping 1 GrandStand Grouping 2 GrandStand Grouping 3 GrandStand Grouping 4
GrandStand Grouping 1
Our Price: $2,003.00
GrandStand Grouping 2
Our Price: $1,875.00
GrandStand Grouping 3
Our Price: $2,564.00
GrandStand Grouping 4
Our Price: $2,756.00
GrandStand Group 1 GrandStand Group 2 GrandStand Group 3 GrandStand Group 4
GrandStand Seat Corner Module GrandStand Seat High Module GrandStand Seat Low Module Heyes Y-Wall - Sitting Height with Large Worksurfaces
GrandStand Seat Low Module
Our Price: $625.00
Corner GrandStand Seat Module High GrandStand Seat Module Low GrandStand Seat Module Heyes Y-Wall Package ZN310
Heyes Y-Wall - Sitting Height with Small Worksurfaces Heyes Y-Wall - Standing Height with Small Worksurfaces Heyes Y-Wall - with Seat Modules Large Format Round Ottoman
Large Format Round Ottoman
Our Price: $769.00
Heyes Y-Wall Package ZN300 Heyes Y-Wall Package ZN305 Heyes Y-Wall Package ZN315 Large Round Shape Ottoman
Large Format Square Ottoman Variations Double Seat Module Variations Single Seat Module
Large Square Shape Ottoman
Variations Loveseat Module Variations Chair Module