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Trade West has been outfitting and furnishing educational spaces for over 32 years. We understand that an inspiring and dynamic learning environment is one of the key components of a quality educational experience. Whether you are maintaining a traditional layout or reaching out for classrooms of the 21st Century and universal learning environments, Trade West has the product range to fit the need.
We have worked closely with educators and designers to develop and produce products that assist with inclusion and self-regulation strategies, ensuring a healthy solution for every student.

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12" Standard Tote Tray 12" Large Tote Tray
Our Price: $86.00
3" Standard Tote Tray 3" Standard Tote Tray
Our Price: $36.00
30"H Steel Bookcase 30"H Steel Bookcase
Our Price: $238.00
42"H Steel Bookcase 42"H Steel Bookcase
Our Price: $282.00
6" Standard Tote Tray 6" Medium Tote Tray
Our Price: $49.00
72"H Steel Bookcase 72"H Steel Bookcase
Our Price: $469.00
AIRstool Motion Stool AIRstool Motion Stool
Our Price: $199.00
Arc Shape Ottoman Arc Shape Ottoman
Our Price: $419.00
COG Shape Ottoman Module COG Shape Ottoman Module
Our Price: $399.00
ComforTask Chair - H5903 ComforTask Chair - H5903
Our Price: $239.00
Cube Ottoman Cube Ottoman
Our Price: $199.00
EN807-1 Lounge Chair EN807-1 Lounge Chair
Our Price: $258.00
EN807-2 Loveseat EN807-2 Loveseat
Our Price: $458.00
EN807-3 Sofa EN807-3 Sofa
Our Price: $598.00
Our Price: $119.00
ENERGi - Privacy Sofa - 3 Seat ENERGi - Privacy Sofa
Our Price: $964.00
ENERGi Mobile Cubby Unit ENERGi Mobile Cubby Unit
Our Price: $799.00
ERA 4 Leg Chair ERA 4 Leg Chair
Our Price: $565.00
ERA Stool 4-Leg ERA Stool 4-Leg
Our Price: $667.00
ERA Swivel 4-Star Chair ERA Swivel 4-Star Chair
Our Price: $659.00
ERA Wire Chair ERA Wire Chair
Our Price: $599.00
ERA Wire Stool ERA Wire Stool
Our Price: $727.00
ESSAY Swivel Task Chair ESSAY Swivel Task Chair
Our Price: $399.00
ESSAY Swivel Task Stool ESSAY Swivel Task Stool
Our Price: $529.00
FLEX Seating Ottoman Group FLEX Seating Ottoman Group
Our Price: $1,995.00
HVL888 Series - Sofa HVL888 Series - Sofa
Our Price: $879.00
ILK Lounge 4-Leg ILK Lounge 4-Leg
Our Price: $2,149.00
ILK Lounge Sledbase ILK Lounge Sledbase
Our Price: $2,049.00
ILK Lounge Swivel 4-Star ILK Lounge Swivel 4-Star
Our Price: $2,049.00
ILK Low 4-Leg Chair ILK Low 4-Leg Chair
Our Price: $1,827.00
ILK Low Sledbase Chair ILK Low Sledbase Chair
Our Price: $1,694.00
ILK Low Swivel Chair ILK Low Swivel Chair
Our Price: $1,694.00
Petal Shape Ottoman Group Petal Shape Ottoman Group
Our Price: $1,995.00
Rectangle Shape Ottoman Rectangle Shape Ottoman
Our Price: $399.00
Round Ottoman Series Round Ottoman Series
Our Price: $199.00